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What is an API? Your Guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

July 17th, 2014 |

Despite the fact that (web) APIs are gaining more and more popularity and are more often than not the key for systems integration, we are very often asked:

What is actually an API and what can it be used for?

This was our motivation to write a white paper to act as an introduction to the subject matter and provide a bit of historical background on APIs. Although the topic is technical, we focused on keeping the content accessible for all readers. Topics include:

  • Definition of application programming interface (API), including some analogies
  • Creating business value with APIs
  • Evolution and growth of APIs
  • Key API trends, such as standardization, developer marketing, API search, or API management for API consumers
  • API Management as a key el…

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What is an API? Your guide to the Internet Business (R)evolution

March 11th, 2011 |

New white paper available for download

Bridge the API education gap between the technology and business teams

Many API initiatives start as a technology driven project. Most of these projects also need the endorsement or sponsorship of the business team in order to realize the full potential and to gain approval for the the appropriate investments. It is frequently a struggle to explain to the business team in a clear and compelling way why APIs are important to your business. At 3scale we have helped many customers with the task of bridging this education gap. We have also seen great variety of approaches that work well.

Benefits for a business and technical audience

We are now making a whitepaper resource available to you to accelerate this task, and to benefit from our experience. The whitepaper is aimed at an audience of business executives and entrepreneurs who understand basic computing concepts, but do not have an engineerin…

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