Use Cases

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Content distribution and ecommerce

Extend reach. Increase asset value. Become the platform of choice.

APIs are the ideal channel for organizations who want to reach audiences whenever, wherever, and however they choose. From music, video, news and images, to data assets like weather or recipe information, an API program allows content owners to syndicate, share, and monetize their assets in a controlled, scalable way. APIs help to create new channels and drive transactions for content creators and web-based sellers.

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  • Share video, audio, or text content easily with efficient infrastructure
  • Easily manage and deliver content for affiliate programs and microsites
  • Allow affiliates or syndicators to interact with content in a standardized way

Customer integration

Provide additional value and enable customization

Allowing customers to integrate with your application using APIs allows them to build custom automation or extend the existing functionality of your application. A single customer-facing API can enable integration with dozens of related systems with a minimum investment of engineering time within your organization.

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  • Extend product functionality by providing API access to existing features and data
  • Offer APIs as part of a higher-tier plan to encourage customers to upgrade
  • Allow customers to integrate with their external systems in a standardized way

Partner ecosystem

How platform thinking can transform your API and your business

Platform-oriented thinking can transform your business, and APIs are the foundation of a mutually beneficial partner ecosystem. A partner API provides a standardized, accessible way for partner organizations to connect to your application in order to extend functionality or provide related features in a streamlined way. Partner API programs can also massively reduce bespoke integration time.

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  • Enable DIY integration with a partner technology without sacrificing security
  • Extend the existing core platform and provide more value for end users
  • Reach new audiences through partner integrations with your core platform

Internal innovation

Increase organizational agility and flexibility

APIs aren’t just a platform for external users. Teams within an organization can use APIs to manage data, improve internal processes, and foster collaboration between departments. APIs allow members of different departments to connect otherwise independent systems and share information, providing access to relevant data in a centralized way.

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  • Connect independent systems run by different departments or teams
  • Enable data sharing using a system-independent architecture and standard format
  • Encourage collaboration between departments and improve processes

APIs as a business

Pay to play access to data and infrastructure

In an increasingly API-driven world, for more and more companies the API is the central business model. In these cases, the API is the epicenter of marketing, sales, operations, and monetization, so it’s essential to have API program resources that support adoption, including documentation, onboarding workflows, and sample code.

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  • Provide self-serve access to the data that developers use to build custom applications
  • Offer core functionality that can be used by a wide variety of customers
  • High-volume applications drive revenue via a pay-per-transaction model

Mobile Enablement

Get more utility and provide a better experience with mobile APIs

Mobile Applications are everywhere. But as the number of apps and the diversity of platforms grow, it becomes increasingly complex to provide all the data and transaction capabilities apps need to function. Multiple operating systems and devices increase reach but also increase management complexity. Data issues can delay a rollout for months when mobile app dev teams depend on internal company data.

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  • Deliver location data to mobile apps on multiple platforms
  • Provide information and functionality to users on the go
  • Build lightweight apps that fetch data rather than storing locally

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