Pay to play access to data and infrastructure

APIs can create an entirely new business, or create new channels for an existing model. These businesses live and die by the quality of the user experience they provide.

Smooth onboarding, code examples, and excellent documentation help to boost adoption and reduce the time it takes for customers to go live.

When your API itself is the product, it becomes the epicenter of marketing, sales, and operations efforts, so it is essential to have the tools that allow you to build and manage your API as a program. In addition to giving developers the tools they need to use your API successfully, you’ll need to create pricing and plans that meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Call volume, access to specific endpoints or features, or access to multiple services should be considered as part of plan-defined “bundles” available to applications using your API.

Benefits of 3scale

  • Customize signup workflows to onboard new developers quickly, giving them access to the tools they need to get started
  • Provide documentation, example code, and other information to help API users build successfully, and offer support and community engagement using the built-in forum and blog tools
  • Customize paid plans and set up self-serve payment for developers. Built-in integration with payment gateways including Stripe and Braintree makes monetization easier

Developer experience

3scale provides the features you need to provide an excellent developer experience. Use ActiveDocs to build interactive documentation with example responses to help developers use your API more effectively. A built-in developer portal CMS lets you easily provide everything from quick-start guides to sample code and how-to’s.


Integration with popular payment gateways, including Stripe and Braintree, is included in the 3scale platform, as well as all the tools you need to define paid plans by bundling data access, rate limits, and call volume settings.


Easily see which developers and applications are most popular with built-in analytics. 3scale allows you to customize analytics settings and track any countable metric, making it easier to understand performance and identify the most successful customers.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?