Extend your reach. Increase the value of your data assets. Become the platform of choice

APIs allow content owners to reach and drive transactions to new audiences. Whether it’s music, video, news and images, or other data assets like recipe or weather information, APIs allow content providers to syndicate, share and monetize assets in a controlled, scalable way.

Reach end users wherever and however they choose, while maintaining positive relationships with affiliates or syndicators. Organizations that deliver solid content distribution solutions can become the preferred platform for many partners, providing access to even larger audiences and potential customers. For retailers, providing content and transaction options across devices can be a clear path to brand loyalty.

Create new distribution channels and revenue streams with reduced infrastructure cost and complexity. Building content distribution and ecommerce APIs that can efficiently and reliably support a large scale of requests. Rate limit apps or individual end users. Have confidence that your high-value transactions will go seamlessly. Integrate with CDNs. Drive transactions to core business through one gateway.

Benefits of 3scale

  • Share video, audio, or text content easily with efficient infrastructure
  • Easily manage and deliver content for affiliate programs and microsites
  • Allow affiliates or syndicators to interact with content in a standardized way


3scale’s unique architecture allows your API program to seamlessly scale up to high volumes, keeping your services reliable. Your data never passes through 3scale servers.

Rate limits

Maintain visibility and control of your data. Receive alerts and easily configure and enforce rate limiting of third-party apps and end users.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?