Increase organizational agility and flexibility

Organizations use internal APIs to mesh processes together – sometimes in complex ways – to deliver products and services for internal audiences in response to demand or to support future growth. Well-managed, internal APIs provide a structural advantage as an organization grows and adapts. By providing API access to the data and transactional functions of internal systems, organizations gain agility and increased ability to collaborate, change and innovate.

Well-managed Iinternal APIs can create a culture of innovation and cooperation, while maintaining control of key assets. Solid API management for internal APIs provides visibility into how the APIs are being used and by whom, and affords greater control over security and access management.

Benefits of 3scale

  • Securely manage access and monitor usage of API assets across departments
  • Encourage collaboration between departments and teams by making internal data and functions available in a programmable format
  • Enable greater agility, innovation, and flexibility even in large and growing organizations


With 3scale’s unique hybrid architecture, your API traffic never leaves your architecture — API responses are not sent through 3scale servers. Traffic control systems can be deployed in the cloud or using on-premise servers to meet your security needs. Enforce access control and security with clear policies, so you don’t have to lock your APIs down to know who has access to what and how assets are being used.


Streamline the process of system integration by providing API access to internal tools, or allow internal teams to access data without direct queries to your database. If you later decide to allow partners or other external parties to access your APIs, 3scale makes it easy to transition to a private or public API model.


3scale allows you to provide documentation and make APIs more accessible through a private portal. Information about all endpoints and services can live in a centralized hub, making it more available to the teams that need it.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?