Get more utility and a better experience through back-end APIs

Taking an API-centric approach to mobile strategy is a powerful way to take control of development and avoid data mishaps. Using APIs as the unifying layer beneath different mobile applications allows faster development and helps to provide a consistent experience across multiple apps and platforms. Running mobile applications using backend APIs offers crucial control over security and access policy, as well as providing a more unified and seamless experience for cross-platform users.

With API management in place, you can apply rate limits to specific apps or individual users, take advantage of monetization tools, and gain visibility into how assets are being used. Versioning for applications and usage metrics can be difficult to maintain, but the right API management platform can help provide granular metrics for individual application IDs and API versioning tools, making it easier to know which and versions are in use, and which users need to update.

Benefits of 3scale

  • Provide a unified backend for applications on iPhone, Android, and other connected devices, including IoT
  • Centralized access policies and security provides a simple and effective way to maintain control of your assets
  • Efficient data delivery means developers can create apps more quickly, while high-performance architecture lets you deliver a consistently fast experience for users

Rate limits

3scale supports rate limiting at the application level as well as for individual users. Control call volume for third-party applications or connected IoT devices, or set limits for users of specific application versions. For paid apps, rate limits can help to define plan levels and become an important upsell feature.

Access control

Security and access control tools for the backend APIs that support mobile applications, including oAuth support, are built into the 3scale platform. Manage access and provision or revoke access for individual users or applications from a single, centralized dashboard.


Take advantage of 3scale’s monetization tools, including integration with popular payment gateways and automated invoicing, billing, and alert settings. Bundle rate limits or access to specific endpoints and services into paid plans.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?