How platform thinking can transform your API and your business

Many SaaS products, data providers, and IT services companies build APIs as a means of supporting a robust ecosystem of partners. While it is possible to build a custom integration for each partner, the more savvy approach is to provide access to data and core functionality via an API. This is ultimately the difference between a standalone application or service and a platform. Making it easy for partners to customize and extend your existing data assets and functionality are key to success in the web-enabled world.

APIs are the most important building block for this transition. By opening key sets of content or transactional capability in programmable ways, APIs allow partners to create long running integrations on top of existing functionality. The result is a secure, easy-to-maintain asset that others can use to create and extend value.

Benefits of 3scale

  • Create new revenue streams and reduce development costs for partner integration
  • Extend existing platform by providing easier integration
  • Maintain control over the functionality and data shared with partner organizations


Full-stack API security and access control puts all aspects of user management in one place. Policy enforcement and authentication is centralized and access tiers make it easy to control asset availability.


Track the success of partner programs and get insight into behavior patterns with built-in analytics.

Developer tools

Easy-to-use developer portal, ActiveDocs, and messaging allow you to build a developer experience that enables success.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?