Why manage APIs?

Software is the foundation underlying business, and APIs are the building blocks of the digital economy. Because they are key to seizing business value, you need a world-class API infrastructure that delivers now and into the future.

APIs activate internal innovation between departments, share company data and content with customers or partners at Web scale, and can create and drive revenue. Building APIs is just the first step. The key to real value is managing them efficiently and effectively.

5 Requirements for Rock Solid API Management


Scalability and Uptime

The API management platform you choose shouldn’t be a bottleneck or a single point of failure. It must provide caching, fault tolerance, traffic routing, and load balancing.

3scale is designed to scale to billions of API calls and its distributed architecture ensures no single point of failure. Scale to meet demand easily by adding more proxy instances, or choose a CDN deployment and push content to worldwide edge-nodes to speed access. Our layered architecture delivers outstanding performance, even at high volumes.


Developer Portal

A developer portal is key to ensuring a positive experience for developers. To keep them engaged, provide the tools they need to get started in minutes with use cases, example code, documentation, and pricing.

3scale provides a built-in, state-of-the-art developer portal, making it easy to create your own branded hub with a custom domain to manage developer interactions and increase API adoption. With 3scale ActiveDocs, based on the Swagger framework, your developers can explore APIs live from documentation web pages.


API Access Control and Security

Who gets access to your API? Can you establish different levels of access for different types of users? Can you control how different applications interact with your API? Don’t lock it down – control your security and access needs whether your API is public, private, or internal.

3scale’s powerful API access, policy and traffic controls make it simple to authenticate traffic, restrict by policy, protect backend services, impose rate limits and create access tiers. Provide sophisticated support for authentication with API keys, openAuth tokens or custom configs. Classify different types of users and provide a variety of business services. Application plans help control what can be done with your API. Rate limits allow you to manage and control flow.



You need insight into how your APIs are performing: access to trends, peak usage times, which applications generate the most traffic, which APIs are most popular, and which APIs or endpoints are used the least.

With 3scale you can share API analytics across the organization with clear reporting. Use the standard metrics or enhance these to support your exact needs. Monitor and set customized alerts to send reports and emails. Metrics are accessible via API to include in standard business dashboards or reports.



APIs can enable whole new revenue streams so the ability to set pricing rules, invoicing, and payment collection is critical.

With 3scale we make it easy to reap the benefits of sharing your data assets through simple in-product integrations with popular payment options like Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, and Ogone. Setting up pricing rules, invoicing and collection with our PCI-compliant system is simple.


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