Research, white papers, and other information about API management, technology, and API strategy.

Tutorial: Web API Deployment on Windows Azure

Step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and examples for API deployment in a Windows Azure environment using 3scale’s API management platform along with Capistrano, the Ruby Grape gem, and Nginx.

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API 101

Gain a deeper understanding of the technology behind APIs and the API ecosystem in API 101. This report, researched and written by industry veteran Kin Lane, covers common topics of interest among business and technical readers alike – including monetization, discovery, evangelism, and even key opportunities based on current trends.

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eBook: Winning in the API Economy

This book provides an introduction to how software and APIs are radically changing the way organizations do business. It covers the emergence of the API Economy and the key areas of any organization that require APIs from enabling internal innovation, to distribution, partner and customers ecosystems to securing mobile back-end systems.

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White Paper: What is an API?

This paper is meant to help executives and managers understand what APIs are, why they are important, and how API strategy is a key part of the ongoing evolution of technology. While the subject matter is technical, you do not have to be a programmer or software architect to find value in this white paper.

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API Provider Guide – API Management

This guide, prepared by Kin Lane of highlights API management solutions and lays out the building blocks of API management for providers, including onboarding, documentation, authentication, and support.

Kin Lane has been working with databases since the late 1980’s, with the last five years exclusively focused on the technology, business and politics of Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs. Kin works to educate technologists about the importance of data portability, interoperability, security and privacy across the web and mobile application platforms.

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API Provider Guide – API Design

This updated guide from industry veteran Kin Lane covers key principles of API design from documentation to endpoints, and lays out the building blocks of API structure as well as solution providers and tools.

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