3scale by Red Hat named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

With its full API management platform and developer portal, 3scale by Red Hat has been recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management.

Deployment Overview

Integration with the 3scale platform is accomplished by deploying traffic control agents, which enforce traffic policies, access controls, and rate limits.

Technical Overview

3scale’s API management platform offers a layered architecture that lets you implement traffic control where you need it and manage usage from a single cloud-based interface.

Why 3scale

At 3scale, three fundamental values have guided the evolution of our product: flexible architecture, self-serve access, and a focus on API management.

5 Steps to a Rock Solid API Program

Starting an API program? Build for success from the start by keeping these considerations in mind as you plan, build, and expand your organization’s API.

Dockerized 3scale API Gateway for Red Hat OpenShift

OpenShift users can deploy 3scale’s nginx-based API gateway in just a few clicks using an easily-configured Docker image.

Deploying the 3scale API Gateway with Chef

The 3scale Chef Cookbook is an enterprise-ready solution for DevOps that makes automated deployment of 3scale API gateways with Chef super easy.

3scale and Amazon API Gateway

3scale supports the unique requirements of delivering APIs on AWS. Use the tools in this guide to deploy and integrate the Amazon API Gateway.

Achieving Enterprise Agility with Microservices and API Management

This white paper explores how API management can be deployed to support a microservices architecture and achieve enterprise agility.

Delivering Security Through Modern API Architecture

API technology and architecture play a crucial role in the modern organization by providing improved security across web, mobile, device, and system endpoints. This paper discusses the many ways in which an API-driven approach can protect critical resources and promote innovation.

The Platform Vision of API Giants

Short stories about the API providers that have changed how we think about the industries they serve.

Kin Lane’s Industry Guide to API Design

A go-to guide to API design, including tools, platforms, and best practices for API developers.

Kin Lane’s Industry Guide to API Deployment

This guide provides an overview of companies, tools, and common building blocks for API deployment, as well as suggestions for which solutions may be best for you.

The Unseen Enablers of Platforms

A discussion of APIs as the often-unseen enablers for platforms, ensuring layers of access, full visibility and control.

Building an API-Driven Ecosystem for the Internet of Things

A white paper by API Evangelist Kin Lane exploring existing blueprints of API pioneers.

Winning in the API Economy

Using software and APIs to transform your business, drive revenues, broaden distribution, and unleash innovation.

The API Owner’s Manual

Best practices of successful API teams

What is an API?

Your guide to the internet business (r)evolution.

The Industry Guide to API Management

This guide, prepared by Kin Lane, highlights API management solutions and lays out the building blocks of API management for providers, including onboarding, documentation, and access control.

The Industry Guide to API Deployment

This guide provides an overview of companies, tools, and common building blocks for API deployment, as well as suggestions for which solutions may be best for you.

API Design Providers Guide

A go-to guide to API design, including tools, platforms, and best practices for API developers.

Deploying a 3scale Gateway on RedHat Openshift

This tutorial describes how to use the Dockerized version of the 3scale API Gateway that is packaged for easy installation and operation on Red Hat OpenShift V3.

How to Use OAuth to Integrate 3scale and Stormpath

In this tutorial, you’ll use the OAuth resource owner grant to integrate two RESTful solutions, 3scale and Stormpath, into your API-based app. By the end, you’ll have outsourced your user management layer and your API will be 100% under control.

How to Configure 3scale API Management to Gain Visibility and Control Over APIs Exposed Through SnapLogic Pipelines

This tutorial offers an overview of how to expose APIs for services integrated through SnapLogic and add API management capabilities using 3scale. This guide includes the setup for both solutions. Prior experience with SnapLogic and 3scale is not required.

Running zero-infrastructure APIs with Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and 3scale

This guide takes you through the steps to implement an API service behind the Amazon API Gateway using AWS Lambda, Amazon’s event-driven compute service. Sample Lambda functions and configuration instructions are also included.

Performance Matters: Load testing and tuning for your API

This how-to describes the best way to successfully run a load test on your API. We’ll start with a simple, unmeasured API, and progress to adding an access control layer and making sure that everything is battle-tested and ready to handle production traffic.

Deploying an API on Amazon EC2 for AWS rookies

Amazon is a fantastic platform for running APIs, so we put together our best practices into this short tutorial. Besides Amazon EC2, we’ll use the Ruby Grape gem to create the API interface and an NGINX gateway to handle access control.

How to deploy an NGINX API gateway on Heroku

This tutorial describes the required steps to deploy NGINX as an API gateway on the Heroku platform. Since NGINX is so lightweight, the free offering from Heroku will be enough for most cases.

Web API Deployment on Windows Azure

Step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and examples for API deployment in a Windows Azure environment using 3scale’s API management platform along with Capistrano, the Ruby Grape gem, and Nginx.

Deploying 3scale with the official 3scale Chef Cookbook

For current or prospective Chef users, this tutorial explains how to use the official 3scale Chef Cookbook to automate the deployment of your API gateway.

CrunchBase: From Startup Crowd Source To Ultimate Industry Data Source

Learn how they saw performance improvement gains, and skyrocketing developer signups and API use alongside a decrease in maintenance time.

DevOps And IT Teams Rejoice As VictorOps API Delivers Incident Management Flexibility

See how the release of their public API formalized the way enterprise customers interact with, and integrate VictorOps into their own enterprise-wide operational support systems.

The Sky’s The Limit With SITA Air Travel API Management

Learn how the adoption of APIs are key to take advantage of emerging technologies, develop new distribution channels, and build complete passenger and aircraft solutions across the travel journey.

Schiphol Improves The Airport Passenger Experience With RedHat JBoss Fuse And 3scale API Management

Learn about their currently available public API and the key value-added services provided via specific sector partner API programs.

Basis Technology’s Rosette API Brings Multilingual Text Analysis To The Next Level

See how Basis Technology uses the 3scale API Management Platform to make it’s Rosette multi-lingual text analytics API available to developers.

Senzari’s MusicGraph API: The DJ To Your User’s Personal Soundtrack

3scale API Management platform enables MusicGraph to give consumers increasingly sophisticated and personalized music experiences.

The CrunchBase API gives developers access to query the CrunchBase dataset for both paginated lists of specific types and details about individual items providing endpoints for each of the primary item types.

The BetterDoctor API includes access to doctor recommendations and profiles data, insurance search, and more.

DataValidation’s API offers a simple way for marketing teams and other senders to check the deliverability of an email address.

JustGiving is the world’s leading platform for charitable giving, allowing nonprofit organizations to make use of mobile and web technology.

Pingar’s API-driven document analysis solution helps companies discover new value from masses of unstructured data. provides API access to hundreds of app developers, enabling the development of innovative and unique wine discovery apps.

Serving up more than 1 million contacts a day to FullContact customers, the FullContact API puts the power of full contact information into developers’ apps.

Scribe is an search engine optimization service that analyzes online content, delivering recommendations for SEO improvements via API.

FightMetric® is the world’s only comprehensive mixed martial arts statistics and analysis provider, and is the official statistics provider of the UFC®.

Demo on-demand 3scale API Management in Action

In this brief demo recording, Solution Engineer Tom Corcoran gives a tour of the 3scale API Management Platform from the perspective of an API provider.

Getting Started #1: Securing your API with 3scale

Get up and running with 3scale API Management Platform in no time. How to quickly prototype the access control layer from the 3scale dashboard using the APIcast cloud API gateway. This is the first of the go-live steps detailed on the home page of your admin dashboard. Find more information on

Getting Started #2: Configuring API Access Policies in 3scale

Get up and running with 3scale API Management Platform in no time. How to apply access policies to differentiate between different tiers of users, give them different rate limits as well as access to different API methods. This is the second in the Fast Track to integration steps. Learn more at

Tutorial: 3scale – APIcast, an API Gateway for the Small Business and Startup

APItools is the most effective way to use APIs and stay in absolute control of API traffic. Troubleshoot, modify and monitor your API traffic by proxying HTTP(s) requests through APItools. Use it in the cloud or in your servers. Built wiht Lua and Nignx (OpenResty) and it’s open-source.

User video: Paul Butterworth getting started with 3scale API Management

In this video Paul Butterworth, CTO of Emotive, talks about getting started with 3scale and discusses the value of its distributed, hybrid architecture. 3scale is the leading self-serve API Management Platform, making it easy to open, distribute, control, and monetize APIs.

Steven Willmott, 3scale – Red Hat Summit 2016

Steven Willmott, Co-Founder & CEO of 3scale (a Red Hat company), sits down with hosts Stu Miniman and Brian Gracely at Red Hat Summit 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Manfred Bortenschlager at APIdays Mediterranea 2015: Running a successful API program?

Manfred Bortenschlager (from 3scale) sepaks at APIdays Mediterranea 2015: What does it take to design and run a successful API program?

Mark Cheshire at APIDays/APIStrat Berlin 2015

Mark Cheshire, 3scale COO — “Kill the fail whale for your API”

Changing the face of transport via APIs

Manfred Bortenschlager, API Market Development Director at APIDays Paris in 2014.

If data is the new oil, then interfaces are the new delivery means

This is the recording of Manfred’s Ignite talk at the O’Reilly Strata+Hadoop conference in Barcelona. It was about getting the interfaces right as an enabler of the benefits of the Second Machine Age.

Take Control of your APIs in a Microservice Architecture

Microservices are a new architectural approach to modularize systems into smaller units.

APIs and the Creation of Wealth in the Digital Economy – APIDays Paris 2015 Keynote

Democratizing Value Creation and Distribution in the Second Machine Age, Steven Willmott

API Model Canvas for successful API strategies and programs

Manfred (@ManfredBo) presented the API Model Canvas at the APIStrat conference on November 20, 2015, in Austin. The API Model Canvas is intended to be used to create and run successful API strategies and programs in a sustainable way.

Microservices in action: How to actually build them

Andrzej from the 3scale team gave this talk during the API Meetup Barcelona about how to practically build microservices using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, the JAWS framework and 3scale API Management.

The API-Application Semantic Gap

Lightning Talk @ RestFest 2015 on Rest APIs and Application Semantics

Integrating, exposing and managing distributed data with RESTful APIs and open source

This was a 1h demo and talk co-presented by Red Hat’s Cojan van Ballegooijen and 3scale’s Manfred Bortenschlager talking about data integration of various diverse sources via data virtualization. Then we exposed the data via RESTful APIs and added the 3scale API Management layer on top to get full control and visibility about API access.

Building Successful API Programs in Higher Education

In this webinar, hosted on August 27, 2015, Steven Willmott discusses the benefits of API development in higher education.

APIs.JSON: Bootstrapping The Web of APIs

APIs.JSON – technology for building the Web of APIs. Talk from the APIStrat unconference at Gluecon. 19th May 2015

API Model Canvas (APIDays Mediterranea 2015)

Designing and running an API program successfully is difficult and goes far beyond technical challenges.

APIs and Unlocking the Value of Your Data

APIs provide an interface to data that delivers its value.

Building Hypermedia APIs in JavaScript

Using the fortune.js framework to build link-based and machine-readable APIs.

How to use Donuts and Onions for Scaling API Programs

Scaling an API program requires far more than just a technically functional API.

API Zen for Developers

Learn the four noble truths of API development.

APIs for Startups

Build core value by running your business from the inside out.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?