Technical Overview

At 3scale, three fundamental values have guided the evolution of our product: a flexible, distributed architecture, high availability and scale, and a focus on complete API management.

We separate the API program cloud management from traffic management components. The result is powerful traffic control where it’s needed in the architecture with centralized interface management.


3scale’s architecture is hybrid, with separate traffic control and program management layers.

Traffic control elements are deployed in front of your API backend using a gateway, or are integrated into API application code. API management services, such as access control, rate limits, and analytics, live in the cloud. The result: superior uptime and unsurpassed scalability.

The 3scale platform is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, with resources at multiple locations on Amazon infrastructure.

3scale’s traffic control layer enforces policy by inspecting incoming calls for valid credentials and access rights. Authenticated calls are completed with a minimum of interference, ensuring scalability and speed, even at high volume. This allows you to control access to your API endpoints, and to track how much traffic is being generated by each application.

As API usage grows, we scale up our systems – so that you don’t have to.

Integration with the 3scale platform is accomplished by deploying traffic control agents, which enforce traffic policies, access control, and rate limits.

Gateway deployment

Gateway deployment can be accomplished using one of 3scale’s existing integrations with Amazon, Heroku, or Red Hat Openshift, or by using APIcast, our cloud-hosted API gateway offering, which is free to use for up to 50,000 calls per day.

Nginx is recommended for all self-managed gateway deployments, and can be used with almost any on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Plugin integration

Alternatively, you can also integrate with 3scale using one of our native-language plugins to enforce traffic policy at the point of traffic entry. Libraries are added to the API application code and are available in Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Perl, and .Net.

Service management API integration is also available, and is best for bespoke or custom cases, using direct integration with 3scale’s services.

Handling tens or hundreds of millions of API calls per day? No problem.

Our infrastructure is highly distributed and scalable on demand to fit your needs.

3scale’s systems are optimized to handle traffic processing and management at high speeds and with built-in fault tolerance. The 3scale platform’s backend entry points are located in multiple physical and virtual regions on AWS.

Failover and load balancing between entry points uses ultra-fast DNS infrastructure, so you’ll always be able to reach a live endpoint. Traffic processing runs on highly optimized, Redis-based architecture.

API Program Tools

Everything you need to build a highly successful API program is included 3scale’s SaaS platform

From developer experience tools and onboarding workflows to automated alerts, billing, and payments, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?